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Ancaster Senior

Dress Code

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It is the responsibility of students to dress in a neat, clean, safe and respectful manner, suitable to the school environment.  ASPS is a uniform school. Students are required to wear a crested uniform top in either white or navy.

Students are expected to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Uniforms are to be worn to and from school, not put on upon entering/leaving the building;
  • Students who like to wear layers of clothing for warmth are expected to wear crested fleece tops over their regular crested uniform shirts;
  • The uniform is to be worn all day until you arrive home;
  • The uniform is not to be tied or altered in any way;
  • Gym uniforms are mandatory and are to be worn during gym and fitness classes only;
  • Unreasonably short shorts, skirts, and skorts will not be tolerated;
  • No exposed undergarments;
  • No clothing or jewellery will be worn that bears sexual or racial comment; bears a suggestive or objectionable message; advertises alcohol, drugs or tobacco;
  • Hats or head gear are not to be worn in the school building unless required by religious customs or for medical reasons.

Students who are out of uniform, or who are inappropriately dressed for school, will first be addressed by teachers and supported during corrective action.  On the second occasion, the teacher will inform parents of the concern. Upon third occasion, Principal will be notified and an Advisor Report will be given to the student for a parent/guardian’s signature. Students with inappropriate clothing may be sent to the office until appropriate clothing can be acquired.

Our uniform supplier is JML, located 95 Parkdale North, L8H 5X1 (905) 544-1608. You can also visit http://www.jmluniforms.ca to order uniforms to be delivered to your home address.

Updated on Wednesday, March 28, 2018.
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