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Our Guidance department offers courses that allow students to explore their career interests, their post-secondary educational interests, and their leadership skills.  Click on the course you wish to find information on on our side navigation bar.

For more information on courses, please see your Guidance Counsellor or Ancaster High School Guidance Department Evaluation Policy

Types of Absences

Absences Explained after the Fact Absences with no pre-knowledge of the teacher must be explained by a phone call from the student or parent to the teacher’s voicemail, or must present a note giving a valid reason for the student’s absence. Pre-planned absence Students are expected to attend class regularly, if a student is to miss an evaluation arrangements must be made in advance with the teacher so the evaluation can be completed. Reasons for the absence must be acceptable and the teacher should be made aware of the absence as soon as possible.

Unexplained Absence

Any absence not pre-arranged with the teacher, or for which a valid reason for the absence is not received prior to the next class (by phone or note) is considered to be unexplained.

What are acceptable absences?

  • Illness requiring medical treatment
  • Illness that makes it impossible to attend school
  • Bereavement
  • Field trip/sports activities (as long as explained prior to the day)
  • Extraordinary circumstances

Missed Assignments/Presentations

Students are expected to send in (major) assignments with another student or have a family member drop off such assignments to the office when they know they are going to be absent. Minor assignments are to be submitted the first day returning to class. Missed presentations will be made up at a time negotiated with their classroom teacher. Portfolio assignments (culminating tasks) must be handed in on the due date and will not be accepted after the drop dead date. Culminating assignments must be handed in order to be successful/pass the course.

Updated on Friday, April 06, 2018.
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