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Transition Committees

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The creation of the Transition Committees is an integral process in the opening and closing of HWDSB schools. It gives the community an opportunity to voice their collective thoughts, consideration of all the diverse views of the community and students to make the transition as seamless as possible. This is the reason that trustees insist on Transition Committees and the minutes are reported to the Board of Trustees.

The purpose of the Transition Committee is to represent the community, provide input, advice and recommendations, however the final decisions are made by the Principal and Superintendent.

A brief synopsis of the Transition Committee topics of discussion include:

  • Artifacts and school traditions
  • Opening/closing ceremonies
  • Student transition activities
  • Traffic and transportation issues
  • Accommodation and program issues

All Transition Committee meetings are open to the public, however public members will have no voting rights.

Eastdale / Mountain View Transition Committee


The Board of Trustees approved the closure of Collegiate Avenue, Eastdale, Green Acres, Memorial (SC), Mountain View and R.L. Hyslop Schools and the opening of three new JK-8 elementary schools on the Collegiate, Eastdale and Memorial (SC) sites with modified boundaries between these three schools.

On October 28, 2016, the Ministry of Education announced funding to build a new JK-8 elementary school for 564 students to be built on the existing Eastdale site.

On June 19, 2017, the Ministry announced funding for a new JK-8 elementary school for 495 students to be built on the existing Memorial SC site. They also announced funding for an addition to Collegiate Elementary School to accommodate 213 students.

Eastdale – Mountain View Advisory Committee Meeting Letter – December 7, 2017

Committee Meetings


East Hamilton/Lower Stoney Creek French Immersion Transition Committee


At the December 18, 2017 Board meeting, Trustees approved the following motion regarding the French Immersion Boundary Review for East Hamilton and Lower Stoney Creek:

French Immersion at Glen Echo and Glen Brae relocated to Parkdale (Gr. 1-5), W.H. Ballard (Gr. 6-8), A.M. Cunningham (gr. 1-5) and Eastdale (Gr. 1-8).

Grade 1 FI begins at Parkdale and Green Acres (Eastdale) for September 2018 and staff engage with affected school communities and return to trustees with a transition plan for current grade 1-7 students at Glen Brae and Glen Echo.

Transition Plan Development with Affected School Communities

Committee Meetings

To be established

Bernie Custis Secondary School Transition Committee


HWDSB’s new Bernie Custis Secondary School will be located at 1055 King Street East (former Scott Park Secondary School site). This beautifully designed secondary school will be constructed to meet the needs of students while complementing in the adjacent Tim Hortons Field, Jimmy Thompson pool and the new City of Hamilton Bernie Morelli Recreation Centre.

The downtown location allows for a flexible design. It will accommodate 1,250 pupils in approximately 160,000 square foot secondary school with surrounding amenities. The preliminary site design includes a three-storey secondary school, green space and a unique partnership with the City of Hamilton that provides state-of-the-art physical education opportunities for our students.


Committee Meetings

December 12, 2017
Advisory Committee Presentation | Minutes

January 16, 2018
Advisory Committee Presentation | Minutes

February 20, 2018
Advisory Committee Presentation | Minutes
6 p.m.

March 27, 2018
Advisory Committee PresentationEnglish Language Learners Presentation | Minutes
6 p.m.

June 12, 2018
Public Meeting
6 p.m.

October 23, 2018
Delta Secondary School
6 p.m.

West Hamilton French Immersion Transition Committee


As part of the West Hamilton Accommodation Review, Trustees approved the following motion on June 5, 2017:

  • That Hess and Strathcona close pending Ministry of Education funding for HWDSB’s portion of the Community Hub project. New school boundaries identified in the map titled Map #1 ‐ Revised.
  • That HWDSB seeks partnerships to redevelop the Sir John A. Macdonald site as a Community Hub centred around a new JK‐8 elementary school.
  • That a Community Hub proposal is presented to the Board of Trustees for approval no later than December 2017.
  • That all schools remain open failing the creation of a Community Hub on the SJAM site.
  • That Bennetto introduces a French Immersion program (grade 1‐8) in September 2018, commencing with grades 1‐3. 
  • That HWDSB communicate with the City of Hamilton and all preferred agents identified in Ontario Regulation 444/98 in a timely and transparent manner to maximize the reuse of school property for community benefit.

Committee Meetings

November 21, 2017
Advisory Committee HandoutMinutes

January 23, 2018
Advisory Committee Presentation | Minutes

April 10, 2018
Bennetto Elementary School
6 p.m.

Public Meeting

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Public Meeting Presentation | Minutes


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