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Together Project

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Welcome to the Together project!

Together represents a special project that united participants from many schools to share their skills and highlight how the arts are alive at HWDSB. The end result was an original song written by singer-songwriter Jim Witter, the recording of the song and the creation of a music video for the song that captures the Board’s vision and mission.

Students were involved beginning with auditions, as they rehearsed parts, recorded the song, created concepts, were featured in the video and facilitated the professional video production by supporting lighting, sound, filming and editing. Hamilton’s Catherine North Recording Studios and Shooting Eye Production Company were the music and video partners that helped bring the project to life. The project began with the initial encouragement of former HWDSB Director of Education Dr. John Malloy.

“This special song, called Together, speaks to the way we work, the way that we support one another, the way that we make a difference in each other’s lives, focused on all our students achieving their full potential,” said HWDSB Arts Consultant Karen Wilkins.

“It’s a culmination of so much work that uses the arts to show the connections we create to support student success and what we can achieve when we work together.”

Together media resources:

Updated on Monday, April 04, 2016.
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