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Boundary Reviews

Last updated on Tuesday, February 03, 2015.

A school’s attendance boundaries are influenced by many factors. These can include the construction of a new school or the closure of a school. Geographic boundaries may also play a role, as in the case of natural features like waterways, major features such as rail lines and the irregular shape of land parcels.

A boundary change may be required, and is only undertaken when necessary.

Change may occur when enrolment is higher or lower than a school can accommodate. Enrolment can fluctuate due to changes in program offerings, demographics and home construction. Boundary change is often the solution when one school has high enrolment and a neighbouring school has low enrolment. This can be referred to as ‘balancing enrolments’.

The following are items to consider when contemplating a boundary change:

  • What is the current and projected future enrolment?
  • What is the condition of the school(s)?
  • Have the schools been involved in another recent boundary change?
  • What is the community support for a boundary change?
  • Are there irregularities that require correction?
  • Will a boundary change affect other schools or programs at the elementary/secondary level?
  • What policies or procedures are in place to guide the boundary change?

Learn more about the Boundary Review Process through the Boundary Review Policy and Directive.

At the June 16, 2014 Board Meeting, Trustees approved a recommendation for the East Hamilton City 1 accommodation review to close Woodward and Roxborough Park elementary schools in June 2015.

This approval also required a Post-Accommodation Review Committee Boundary Review to consider changes between A.M. Cunningham, Queen Mary, Memorial City, Visount Montgomery and W.H. Ballard elementary schools.

A Boundary Advisory Panel, made up of school council members, principals, Trustees and HWDSB Staff, is holding a community consultation for families affected by the Boundary review. The consultation will provide families with information, answer questions, and receive input regarding the boundary review.


East Hamilton Boundary Review Minutes:

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Since 2005, the population in the Ancaster Meadow boundary area has experienced significant growth due to new residential development. As of September 2014, there are over 900 students enrolled at Ancaster Meadow, which has a capacity of 590 students. This has resulted in the school having 12 portables on site to accommodate the students above the school’s capacity.

The Board of Trustees approved the request for a new school through the 2012 Capital Priorities submission to the Ministry of Education and in May 2014 received capital funding approval for the construction of a new school in the Tiffany Hills area.

HWDSB’s opening date for the new elementary school in the Tiffany Hills area is September 2016. In preparation for the new school, a boundary for the new school needs to be established. A boundary for the new school will alleviate enrolment pressures at Ancaster Meadow, as its current boundary includes the Tiffany Hills area. Establishing the boundaries of the new school will help prepare students, families and communities with the transition.


Ancaster Meadow/Tiffany Hills Boundary Review Minutes:

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